What's your sign? ;D


What question you haven't been asked but would love to answer or do you hate questions now all together ?


No one has ever asked My sign….    QQ

Nah.  If I didn’t like questions I wouldn’t answer them.  ;-p 

So, he is one I bet you haven't been asked, and since I'm new, I'll ask it! What is the difference between the "ask" and "send fan mail" buttons? That you SG (pretty boy)!!


Asks can be anon and I can choose to post them publicly or if not an anon I can reply privately. 

Fan mail is private and I can only reply or delete. 

I believe there is also a character limit difference. 

That seems to be the only difference that I can see. 

I’ve never really payed any attention. 

Bad blog owner. 

Omgosh. Please ignore the question "what does SG mean" Im pretty sure I figured it out while I was having sex lol I had to write you as soon as we were done. I was having a blonde moment. Sorry! :)


Translation, “I was thinking about your blog during sex.” 

I’ll take that as a compliment.  ;-) 

Has anything really awkward happened while You and Your girl were playing (being walked in on, falling off the bed...)


I consider falling off the bed more of an accomplishment than something awkward. ;-) 

The only thing that comes to mind is having to throw a sock at the cat because she won’t stop judging…. 

Hi, I really want to use a strapon on my gf, but I'm not really sure what to do. I'm definitely more dominant. Should I tie her up? Spank her? Sorry, I just need suggestions, I'm really nervous x


your asking the wrong person. 

Go talk to your girlfriend. As her if ‘she’ is interested in strap-on play. Ask her what else she may be interested in. Tell her about your curiosities. 

This goes for anyone. If you can’t discuss matters of your bedroom, how well are the two of you doing at being honest with matters of the heart? 

The heart is far more important in a relationship, the bedroom is just a fun game. 

Where are you from and are there more like you there?


I moved recently and have gotten into the scene locally. In my last area, everyone was super respectful that I am and refer to myself as a Domme or Dominant interchangeably. Here, I get propositioned by "try doms" who don't think a woman can be dominant. I find it incredibly insulting. What would your recommendation be for handling the situation?


Don’t waist your time, your thoughts, or your energy on idiots. That is how they suck away your life force and survive. 

Sometimes I just look forward to the gifs you post and then read the comments later. There so funny!


Will we ever get to see your face?