Does penis size have any correlation with being more or a Dom? I mean, I see a bunch of pics and gifts on Tumblr of "big" Dom's, but does that make them any more Dom than one who isn't as big?


I get the correlation. 

Dominant, big, strong, able to overpower you…  It all plays into the fantasy. 

Anyone who has been into the scene for very long though will tell you that without a creative, open, and honest mind, the rest is just a waste. 

I’m not a big guy, I’m average in most ways, but My mind… I’m a creatively sadistic fuck and that is what My girl loves about Me in the bedroom. 

Hello Sir, I'm curious about a few things Have you ever used food as a complement in any sexual activity you've had? What are your thoughts about that? And have you or your girl ever eat specific foods in order to make your fluids taste better?


I’ve been told that fruit, and generally eating clean will make you taste better. 

I can’t really verify that though because My girl hasn’t noticed a difference. 

As for food in play…

I use ice of course, but that’s really about it. 

I suppose you could say ginger as well. 

Now, I have had finger food and a bottle of meed set out for some romantic evenings, but that was just a prelude to play time, not actually a part of it. 

what are safe sites where I can look fir a Dom?


Everything, especially the internet, is only as safe as ‘you’ make it. 

So use common sense. Don’t go giving out your full name, address, or information about your work place of school. 

Set up your meetings in a public place for coffee, make sure someone knows where you are going, how long you will be there, and when they should expect a call from you to tell you that your alright. 

As for the websites themselves, and are the first two that come to mind. 

Both have their share of creeps, but they also have some good people as well. 

So remember, common sense. 

I think I'm pretty bouncy >:D


Are We talking Pinkie Pie bouncy…

Or Katy Perry bouncy?

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

Hi, I love you and your blog, both so amazing! I recently bought a vibrator and it's fantastic (especially coupled with your posts), I just have one question. How can a girl tell when she cums? I know it seems silly, and i get turned on and everything feels good, but I am becoming highly concerned that either something isn't living up to expectations or I will never experience an orgasm. Thanks xo.


From My point of view it’s when her cunt muscles clench down on My cock or fingers, or when her thighs attempt to crush My head. When her body takes over and her conscious mind loses control.  ;-) 

If it feels good, that is what matters, but if you feel as though you aren’t achieving a release, the same advice that I gave to those who can’t achieve orgasm applies. 

Would you *want* to break a little? Because the thought of playing the wide-eyed innocent while someone went about methodically destroying that made me a little squirmy.


The concept in extremely enticing to Me. I know that I could do it. I am not sure that I ‘would’ do it though. I would have to be fully confident in their ability to bounce back from it.

I have to wonder though, after days of such treatment, would they want to bounce back? Or would they be content in such a role and never want to leave? 


Would You be willing to train someone up in Seattle?


I don’t meet My trainees, so location really only matters in respect to time zones. 

I trained a young woman who was 12 hours off of My own time zone and that made things… interesting. 

Time is a funny thing. 

what are your thoughts on 'rape-play'? are you into it?


I’m not huge into any role play really. I’m physically dominating during sex, which some partners in the past have loved because they imagined being in that role, but it isn’t really a fetish of Mine. 

I rather enjoy coaxing a sub into admitting what it is that they want. Watching them blush as they disrobe for Me, unable to meet My eyes as they follow instructions. 

Then taking it further, making her beg for what she and I both know that she wants. 

What can I call my sir. Other than well sir.


There is always Master, but I’m not personally fond of that one. 

Someone suggested once that you look for variations of Sir and/or Master in different languages. 

Any pet name, or even just his name, with some voice inflection can come off as respectful. 

My girl certainly doesn’t call Me Sir all the time. 

you could avoid titles all together and simply say…

Sir, right now I have my cunt full of a toy and I have to keep it in for 20 minutes. I've edged three times but I have to ask you to cum. Please may I?


Even if I had gotten this in time…