When you voice your opinion without personal knowledge of the facts, 

you are lucky if you only make an ass of yourself. 

Without that knowledge, stating an opinion as fact, 

based on hear-say and the opinions of others, 

you are likely to do as much, or more, harm than good. 

I have to remind myself daily, 

your opinion is only that, 

you are not in possession of all the facts.

Information is very easy to twist.

Asking questions makes people think. 

So ask questions, please. 

The world in general is in short supply of people shutting up and thinking. 

Hi! I am a sadistic masochistic person. Weird? Is it normal that I like to switch the roles sometimes? I love being abused and beaten but also love to do it to others. Is that even possible? Am I just confused?


It’s generally called being a ‘switch’. 

It’s actually quite normal. I enjoy both sides of the crop, so if it’s weird, then I’m weird right there with you. 

You play world of Warcraft??? ❤️


Indeed. I was an adventurer, until I took an arrow in the knee. 

I was famous, everyone knew My name… 

Due to your lack of presence I'm assuming you guys got some more sun in a rainy city?


A bit of a lot of things. 

The weather has been great for getting work done outside so I’ve been taking care of things with the family. 

We have been gaming a bit more after finally getting around to upgrading Our computers. 

To top it all off I’ve had some old friends in from out of town here and there for some events. 

Oh, and of course the released info that came out recently. ;-) That took up some of My time. 

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

Recently I was kind of pushed over the edge by my boyfriend and it upset me a little and shook me up, now I feel he's being a little cautious at times yet I enjoy it rough, how can I show him that I still want to be dominated?


Like everything else in life, it’s live and learn. 

As a sub and as a Dom, you are going to fuck up. It happens. You do your best to limits the damage, you learn from your mistakes, your honest with yourself and your partner when you fuck up, and you move on together. 

Is he going to be cautious for a while after fucking up? Absolutely. Should he be? Absolutely. I would worry more if he wasn’t. 

So just be open and honest with him. Say, “Hey, that bit that bushed too far, I didn’t like that, lets avoid that in the future, but this, this, and this, I love these things, I don’t want to stop exploring, lets go another round.”

Don’t stop communicating, don’t close the doors, they are a bitch to open again. 

Please reblog this if its alright to come to you for advice or to just rant. Thank you.

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I can’t stop laughing…. 

So, let Me sum this up. The sub is bound and locked up nice and tight inside the box. I like to assume, on a chair, comfortable for a long sit. 

The cat toy, when pulled down, it hitting a switch that is sending an electrical current into various toys attached to the sub. 

Perhaps it is two metal plugs that she sits on, buried in her holes? 

Perhaps it clamps on her nipples and clit? 

Perhaps all of the above?

No matter how it’s set up, I love it, and can think of a hundred variations to put this to use tormenting a sub for hours and hours without end…. 

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How do I get my master to pay more attention to me? We are long distance and I feel lonely a lot. We haven't talk as much lately. How do I get and keep his attention?


Long distance is hard on people. 

One thing to remember though, just because you don’t see his attention, doesn’t mean that you don’t have it. 

I think about My girl all the time. I don’t always act on it, I don’t always send her a text, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about her. 

Now, if you want him to show you attention more often, it quite possibly as simple as asking him to. 

He may not be aware that you need more, because he can’t read your mind. If guys aren’t aware there is a problem, we don’t know that we should be fixing it. 

So, as usual, My advice is to talk to your partner, and let them know what is going on inside that head of yours. 

My sub and I are going on a road trip soon. She was asking if we could have play in the car and I would love to play with her. The problem is, I don't know what I could have her do or how I could play with her. Do you have any suggestions or games that we could play in the car? Thank you so much


So many possibilities. 

Picking something somewhat rare, such as a water tower. Every time you spot one before she does, she loses an article of clothing. If she spots it first, she can put something on. 

Of course, you could also play for orgasms. Each time you spot a car of a particular color, that is a point for you. Every time she spots one, point for her. 

Your points are orgasms lost and hers are orgasms gained, will she get any on this trip or no? 

Another option is having a bag of clothespins on the floor, and every time you spot something she has to apply a clothespin under her dress/skirt in some manner. 

All this can be good fun, however, remember to be safe. You are driving a few hundred pounds of metal and such down a road at 50+ miles an hour, so keep your attention on the road when driving. 

If you need to pull off somewhere and fuck the shit out of each other to maintain that attention, so be it. 

If your fucking around and being dangerous with your games, the traffic dragon will come for you and fuck your car up… literally. 

Hi, I'm new to the BDSM community, and in my preliminary perusals of forums and blogs, it was suggested a few times to only scene with a person who is, at the very least, well known by someone you know if you do not know this potential partner personally. Do you think this is smart advice or overly cautious? Especially since I'm not looking for anything too heavy like electric or edge play?


I don’t think you can be too cautious. There are a lot of crazy people out there and even more self centered ass-hats. 

This does narrow your prospects of course.

I would say, treat it like dating. If you or no one you know knows the guy, your going to take things slowly, get to know them, and if they seem to be in a rush, can’t be patient for you, walk away. 

It also doesn’t hurt to set up a few dates before you get around to playing where your friends can meet your potential partner. Never know what they may have to say about them.